In the 56-acre Lowry Park Zoo, exotic creatures live in lush, natural habitats. Visit the zoo's newest exhibit area, Safari Africa, to see Tamani, a baby African elephant (born in October 2005) and four adult elephants. Feed a giraffe, ride a camel, see the zebra play, and experience a "white rhino encounter." Check out the Asian Domain, with tigers and Indian rhinos, and Primate World, including chimpanzees and colobus monkeys. Spot some fancy flying in the free-flight bird aviary, and come face to face with alligators, panthers, bears, and red wolves at the Florida Wildlife Center. Gentle goats and kangaroos populate the Wallaroo Station children's zoo, and gentle creatures of another kind headline at the Manatee Amphitheater and Aquatic Center. The zoo also has water-play areas, rides, shows, and restaurants.

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Manatee eating lettuce

Flamingos in pond

Young Orangutan


Kangaroo in Wallaroo Station

Manatee eating lettuce

Young Orangutan

Safari Africa Exhibit Entrance



African Elephant

Deers cuddling

Australian Parrot Feeding
at Lorikeet Landing

Alligators on Sand

Giraffe looking for crackers

Bornean Male Orangutan

White Tigers

Victoria Crowned Pigeon


Angolan Black & White
Colobus Monkey

Meerkat nursing her baby

Female Orangutan

Map of Africa

3 Giraffes entangled

Chimpanzee with arms folded

African Elephant and her
baby Tamani drinking water

African Elephants and baby

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