Thomas Edison's Winter Estate

The winter home of Thomas A. Edison, beautifully situated along the Caloosahatchee River, is one of the greatest historic treasures in Fort Myers. In 1885, Thomas Edison first visited Florida. He purchased property along the Caloosahatchee River and built a vacation home. The vernacular structure, completed in 1886 and dubbed "Seminole lodge" by the Edisons, served as a winter retreat and work place for the prolific inventor until his death in 1931. Edison's good friend Henry Ford followed close behind and purchased the neighboring property in 1915. "The Mangoes" was the winter getaway for the Fords. Edison and Ford spent many winters working, talking and even relaxing together in tropical southwest Florida.

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View of the Caloosahatchee
River from Edisons Estate

Ford's Winter Home
Mangrove House

Edison's Winter Home,
Seminole Lodge

Edison's Winter Homes
Edison had 2 houses and used one for his guests. His guests stayed by the month since they came by boat. The boat usually came once a month. Henry Ford visited often and then in 1916 he bought the guest home for him and his wife.

Edison's Lab

Edison's Lab

Edison's Model T Ford
inside Museum

Antique Automobile in garage

Antique Telephone

Antique Typewriter

Mysore Fig Tree

Banyon Tree

Collection of over
200 Edison phonographs.

Mysore Fig tree
It is in the same ficus family as the Banyan Tree and Indian Rubber Tree. The banyan tree was a birthday gift to Edison from Harvey Firestone in 1925 chosen because of its very unique stature. The Mysore Fig is unique because 90% of its roots are external. The roots underground only go as deep as 9"-12".

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