Florida Botanical Gardens

The Florida Botanical Gardens are home to a wide variety of plants from around the world. Our collections have a value for teaching, interpretation, conservation or just for aesthetics, each and every specimen is carefully chosen and carefully placed. You will find most plants labeled, telling visitors more about the plants they are enjoying. The label gives the common name, scientific name and a quick overview of the things the plant need for best growth and health. Learn about the 90 acres of wetland, pine flatwoods, oak forest and critically endangered scrubland that we manage, right here on site! Over 150 types of bird, mammals, and reptiles have been documented on site. Several endangered or threatened species including Bald Eagles, Gopher tortoises and Sherman Fox squirrels make their home here. There are also a number of threatened or endangered plants found on site.

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Bridge over lily pond

Red Rose in the
Wedding Garden

Fountains in the
Wedding Garden

Bridge over McKay Creek

Banana Tree with
hanging flower & fruit

Bunch of green bananas,
Tropical Fruit Garden

Rose Garden inside
Wedding Garden

White Bird of Paradise

Yellow Rose in the
Wedding Garden

Flowering Lily Pads

Plants along Tropical Walk

Brocolli Plant, Herb Garden

Pineapple Plant,
Tropical Fruit Garden

Thorny Silk Floss Tree Trunk

Horseradish Tree,
Herb Garden

Crown of Thorns

Hybrid Tea Rose,
Wedding Garden

Pencil Tree

Glory Bower Vine

Seasonal Flower Beds

Roxburgh Fig Tree

Christmas Light Display,
Wedding Garden

Mosaic Art Panel

Mosaic Benches

Cactus Flower Buds

Butterfly Christmas Lights

Cactus & Succulent Garden

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