Mo Botanical Gardens

The Missouri Botanical Garden was created by Henry Shaw, a prominent St. Louis businessman who opened his garden to the public in 1859. Inspired by the gardens of his native England, including Chatsworth and the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, and guided by the eminent botanist Dr. George Engelmann. Mr. Shaw intended his garden to be a center for education, scientific research and horticultural display.

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Japanese Garden

Linnean House

Purple Tulips

Swift Family Garden,
front of the Linnean House

Daylily Garden

Japanese Flowering Cherry,
A symbol of Spring and Life

Cacti in the Desert House

Red Rose,
Gladney Rose Garden

Milles Sculpture Garden,
Climatron (background)

Blooming Azaleas,
Japanese Garden,

Orchids and Spanish
Moss, inside Climatron

William T. Kemper Center,
for Home Gardening

Tortoise Island (background),
Japanese Garden

Orchid on Tree Limb,

Teahouse Island,
Japanese Garden

Flowering Lily Pads,
Milles Sculpture Garden

Pink Orchid,

Chenille Plant,

Feeding Koi Fish in Pond

Fountain inside Rose Garden

Hybrid Tea Roses,
Gladney Rose Garden

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