St. Louis

"The Gateway to the West"
Established as a French trading post in 1764, St. Louis served as a gateway to the west following the Louisiana Purchase and as a major port for steamboats traveling the Mississippi. Today the city's landmark is the soaring, shining steel Gateway Arch, designed by Eero Saarinen in 1966 to commemorate western-bound pioneers. Although visitors often make it their first stop, there's plenty more beckoning, including the restored Union Station, first-rate museums, and numerous attractions geared toward children, many of them free, making St. Louis a prime family destination.

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*Gateway Arch
St. Louis, Mo

*Gateway Arch
St. Louis, Mo

*Sun reflecting off
Gateway Arch, St. Louis, Mo

Front of Daniel Boone's
Home,Defiance, Missouri

Historic St. Charles,
St. Charles, Missouri

Missouri Botanical Gardens

Back of Daniel Boone's
Home Defiance, Missouri

Winter in
St. Louis, Missouri

Steam Boat, Missouri River
St. Charles, Missouri

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