The Catskills, NY

Verdant forests, undulating mountains, swiftly moving streams and rivers, meandering creeks, waterfalls, and abundance of wildlife lure visitors to the Catskills, particularly the northern Catskills. But there is also a deep sense of mystery and spiritual vibrancy that has drawn travelers through the centuries. Henry Hudson felt the pull of these looming, mist-shrouded mountains in 1609, as did the Dutch and English colonists who populated and farmed the fertile land in the small, upland valleys between the stony round-topped peaks. -- "Fodors"

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Lake House
Stamford, N.Y.

Yellow Maples
Stamford, N.Y.

Bursting Fall Colors,
Stamford, N.Y.

Red Maples
Stamford, N.Y.

The Rexmere,
Queen of the Catskills

Fall Lake View,
Mt Utsayantha in background

Scenic Overlook,
Mount Utsayantha

Huge Yellow Maple,
Stamford, N.Y.

Colonial Motel (1840),
Grand Gorge, N.Y.

Corn, Farms and Foliage,
Catskills, N.Y.

Maple Bark

Mine Kill Falls,
North Blenheim, NY

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