When it comes to the art of seduction, New York has two cards up its sleeve: charm and spontaneity. People often fall in love with what they came looking for -- the Empire State Building, lit up in red, white, and blue; Central Park under a blanket of snow, its trees sparkling as if encased in crystal; or the Statue of Liberty, which neither clich nor cheap souvenir can render common. For those who grew up with glossy magazine and soft-focus film images of New York, standing in front of one of its landmarks is still a moment of discovery. The remarkable thing is that New York looks even better up-close, in person. "It's just like the movies!" is a constant delighted refrain. -- "Fodors"

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Radio City Music Hall
49th St.

Macy's Department Store
34 St. & 7th Ave.

Rockefeller Center,
49th St.

Times Square,
on Broadway

The Empire State Bldg.
5th Avenue at 34th St.

Woolworth Building,
Broadway at Barclay St.

"The Sphere", sculpture
by Fritz Koenig
in Battery Park

Downtown Skyline taken
from Ellis Island Ferry

Statue of Liberty,
Liberty Island

Ellis Island,
Immigration Hall

Broadway, Theatre District

Empire State Bldg.
Observatory, West Night View

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