New York City has a special magnetism--a charisma, if you will--that pulls in the intelligent, the creative, the determined, the overbearing, and the overblown from all over the world. Just about any language and any dialect is spoken here, from Mandarin to Brooklynese; no other dot on the map is quite so ethnically, culturally, socially, and economically diverse. This is the nerve center of world finance and trade. The international hub of advertising, publishing, entertainment, and fashion. The creative core for the arts. The top showcase for pure celebrity. And, now as never before, a huge magnet for travelers from all over the country and around the globe, in search of a brief glimpse of it all. "Frommers"

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Roxy's Delicatessen
42nd St., NYC

Times Square

The Worlds Largest Store

The Brooklyn Bridge
(left) Manhattan Bridge

World Trade Center

New York City Skyline
taken from World Trade bldg

World Trade Center

Shea Stadium,
Brooklyn, N.Y.

World Trade Center

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