Oregon has 300 miles of public white-sand beaches. U.S. 101, parallels the coast along the length of the state. It winds past sea-tortured rocks, brooding headlands, hidden beaches, historic lighthouses, and tiny ports, with the gleaming Pacific Ocean always in view. With its seaside hamlets, outstanding fresh seafood eateries, and small hotels and resorts, the Oregon Coast represents the finest in Pacific Northwest living. The Willamette Valley is the heart of Oregon's agriculture country. The valley's flat terrain and temperate climate make it a favorite for hikers and cyclists, who also enjoy the paved paths in the college town of Eugene. Nestled among its rolling hills are over 200 wineries producing a medley of wines. The valley, dubbed Oregon's Wine Country, is one of Oregon's major wine-growing regions. Portland offers a wealth of culture, culinary choices and proximity to the ocean and mountains. Strolling through downtown or Portland's many neighborhoods, there's an unmistakable vibrancy to this city -- one that is encouraged by clean air, infinite trees, and a diverse blend of historic and modern architecture.

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Heceta Head Lighthouse

* Oregon's Pacific Coast

Stellar's Sea Lions on Cliff

Wind Carved Beach Dunes,
near Florence

Fog View, Dunes National Park

Woman sitting on the Cliff,
Dunes National Park

* Heceta Head Lighthouse

Florence Beach Wagon Ride

* Oregon House on the Cliff

Seagulls on the Rocks

Sunset on the Oregon Coast

Cut Timber Logs

Flowers at Valley River
Inn, Eugene

Valley River Inn
Lobby, Eugene

Beach near Florence

Mount Hood behind Farmland

View of Heceta Head
taken inside Sea Lion Cave

* Snow Capped Mount Hood

Oregon State Rock
is the Thunder Egg

Thunder eggs are a kind of solid geode: a rocky shell with a filling of agate, the refined variety of the mineral chalcedony. They form in rhyolite lava beds, perhaps where the volcanic gases left bubbles frozen into the rock. Later, mineral solutions deposited the filling. According to Pacific Northwest native legend, the Thunder Spirits lived at the highest reaches of Mount Hood and Mount Jefferson, and when they became angry at each other, they threw these spherical rocks at each other. While thunder eggs can be collected all over Oregon, the largest deposits are found in Crook, Jefferson, Malheur, Wasco and Wheeler counties.

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