Norway is a Scandinavian country in northern Europe. It possesses a landscape of extreme natural beauty that is uniquely its own in this world. All along Norway's coast are magnificent fjords in which the sea flows between majestic mountains. Norway is very mountainous and has a limited amount of flat land. In the summertime northern Norway is known as the Land of the Midnight Sun. A natural phenomenon called the Northern Lights can be seen from the northern part of the country at certain times of the year. In addition to these natural spectacles, on foggy nights one can easily imagine Viking ships sailing on the fjords and trolls appearing in the forests. The Norwegian people live in a land steeped with the past yet they also live in the modern age. The unspoiled landscape, old farmhouses and charming towns hark back to years gone by. Still, the people possess the modern conveniences of today. Norwegians hold the family in the highest regards and live to enjoy all the splendors of this beautiful country.

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Rosfjorden taken from the top
of Mount Vedefjellet,
Belland, Norway

Late night sunset on the Rosfjorden

Belland, Norway as seen
from the top of Mount Vedfjellet

Snow capped mountains
on a Norwegian fjord

Farsund, Norway

Lake Bærvannet,
Belland, Norway

Belland, Norway

Bay Bærøybukta between
Belland (left) and Bærøy (right)

Lindesnes, Norway
(southernmost point in Norway)

Evening on the Rosfjorden,
southern Norway

Town of Farsund, Norway

Bay Bærøybukta between
Belland (left) and Bærøy (right)

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