The natural harbor of Bahía de Acapulco (Acapulco Bay) is the city's centerpiece. By day this stretch of the Pacific, 433 km (268 mi) south of Mexico City, is a deep tempting blue; at night the water flashes and sparkles with city lights. Thanks to warm waters, almost constant sunshine, and balmy year-round temperatures most people plan their day around the beach. At night Acapulco rouses itself from the day's torpor and prepares for the long hours ahead. Eating out is one of the city's great pleasures. In addition to the showy places, there are plenty of good no-frills, down-home joints that take you to the real Mexico. Acapulco's nightlife is also legendary, with new and ever more spectacular dance clubs constantly opening. -- "Fodors"

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Old Mexican sailing ship in
Acapulco Bay from the hills

Local beach, fishermans
village area

Acapulco Bay near
the mouth of the Bay

Mayan Resort golf course

Mayan Resort main courtyard

Mayan Resort 1 mile long pool

Acapulco Bay beach in
Dec (x-mas tree & Mexican flag)

Acapulco Bay from balcony
of Mar Azul Resort

Fishermans village,
boats & docks

Balcony on Grand Mayan
Resort, beaches & ocean

Balcony on Mar Azul,
parasailing in Acapulco Bay

Mayan water park, pool,
lake & ocean

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