Bermuda has been a popular destination for the pleasure bound ever since a princess set foot on the islands over a century ago. Just 600 miles off the coast of North Carolina--paradise is only two hours away by air. Warmed year round by the Gulf Stream, and protected by barrier reefs, legend has it that our semi-tropic archipelago is made up of 365 islands--one for each day of the year. Bermuda has pink sugar sand beaches, waters of startling clarity and aromatic avenues filled with oleander, frangipani, bouganvillea and hibiscus with comfortable temperatures year round.

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Horsehoe Bay Beach,
Southhampton, Bermuda

Stonington's Private
Beach, Bermuda

Downtown Hamilton,

Stonington's Boardwalk to
Private Beach, Bermuda

Bougainvillea Flowering
Vine, Bermuda

Cruise Ship Docked in
Port Hamilton, Bermuda

Moped Rentals,

Rainbow over Elbow
Beach, Bermuda

Stonington Beach Hotel,
Elbow Beach, Bermuda

Horsehoe Bay Beach,
Southhampton, Bermuda

Hibiscus Flower,

Houses overlooking
Hamilton Harbour, Bermuda

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